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4″ Baby Kitty – Tiny Hello Kitty Glass Bong


4″ Baby Stoner – Tiny Cartoon Glass Bong

$34.99 $19.99

4.7″ Kitty Cat – Mini Hello Kitty Glass Bong


4.7″ Stoner Bong – Mini Cartoon Glass Bong

$39.99 $24.99

5″ Stoner Bong – Small Cartoon Themed Perc Bong

$54.99 $34.99

5″ Kitty Bubbler – Small Hello Kitty Perc Glass Bong


6″ Little Kitty – Pink Colored – Small Hello Kitty Perc Glass Bong


10″ Hello Kitty Beaker Bong – Pink – Ice Glass Bong


8″ Matrix Kitty Bong – Pink Colored – Hello Kitty Perc Glass Bong


8″ Honey Kitty Bong – Pink Colored – Hello Kitty Perc Glass Bong


Hello Kitty Glass Bong Collection – 4 Models – Ice Glass Bongs


4″ GRAV Labs Traveler Bong – 4 Colors – Tiny White Glass Bongs

$59.99 $19.99

5.5″ Tropical Diamond – 4 Colors – Small Perc Glass Bubbler Bongs

$74.99 $39.99

6″ Drippy Kid – 3 Colors – Small Percolator Bongs

$79.99 $44.99

6″ Mellow Globe – 3 Colors – Colored Mini Glass Bongs

$74.99 $35.99

11.5″ Mario’s Tube – 3 Colors – Mario Glass Water Bongs

$124.99 $79.99

6.3″ GRAV Labs Circuit – 4 Colors – Colored Glass Bubbler Bongs

$79.99 $39.99

14″ Engraved Crystal – 3 Colors – Sandblasted Glass Ice Bongs

$189.99 $89.99

6.5″ Little Twister – 3 Colors – Colored Shower Perc Glass Bongs

$87.99 $44.99

6″ Tropical Shower – 3 Colors – Colored Small Perc Glass Bongs

$94.99 $49.99

8″ Recycler Globe – 4 Colors – Colored Percolator Glass Bongs

$139.99 $69.99

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Most online headshop display 80% of their inventory as “on sale”, meaning they are already overpriced in the first place. At, we create unique deals with manufacturers to reduce the price of certain bongs for a limited time only. When you see a deal, you know you got one. There is no other online headshop who can offer such great deals on all types of bongs for sale.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are cheap bongs for sale?

Typically, bongs for sale sell for around $30 to $50 not including free shipping. It depends greatly on the deal you are looking at, as well as the season you are ordering in. Most online headshops offer up to 30% discounts on some of their inventory. At, you find huge discounts of bongs that go as high as 50% off of the regular price.

What are bongs for sale?

Bongs for sale are discounted or promoted bongs that usually cost 10% to 30% less than their original selling price. This enables you to buy a bong online for a fraction of the price. At you will find huge deals on a large number of bongs.

Can I buy a cheap bong for sale online?

Everyone of the age of 18 is entitled to buy bongs for sale online. Our online headshop sells and delivers glass accessories for legal use only. There is no documentation or legal age identification required to purchase and receive bongs from

Are bongs for sale legal?

Bongs for sale are completely legal, as they are just a formed glass tube. There is no law that restricts the use or creation of this type of glass pipe. You are absolutely in the legal area when purchasing bongs for sale online.