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iSmokeAlot works with a huge number of premium glass brands offering only the most freshest, explicit and effective ice glass bongs available for sale online.

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8″ Straight Buddy – 5 Colors – Small Glass Ice Bongs

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $34.99.

10″ Purified Flower – 8 Colors – Colored Ice Bongs

Original price was: $109.99.Current price is: $59.99.

8″ Baby Honeycomb – 4 Colors – Small Perc Glass Ice Bongs

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $42.99.

10″ The Bladesmith – 4 Colors – Copper Themed Phoenix Ice Glass Bongs

Original price was: $119.99.Current price is: $64.99.

10″ Hello Pinky Beaker – Pink Colored Ice Glass Bong

Original price was: $109.99.Current price is: $49.99.
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Ice Bongs are “enhanced” bongs that have some sort of inbuilt feature that allows them to hold ice cubes in the stem of the bong to allow for the smoke to cool. You’ll often hear this being referred to as an ice ‘catch’, ‘pinch’, or ‘carb’.

Cooling the smoke means you have a much smoother smoking experience and you can taste your weed far better. To use one, simply load up your stem with as many ice cubes as you’d like for a ticket to smooth-town.

Buying Glass Ice Catcher Bongs Online Near Me: What to Look Out For

There’s a few things that vary when buying an ice bong, especially if you’re after the best ice bong for the lowest price. Here’s a couple pointers on what to watch out for when shopping around.

One of the most important things with an ice catcher bong to look out for is quality. Some sites offer ice bongs pretty cheap because they’re so popular, but these are often made out of cheap materials that will sadly break after not much use.

Secondly, buy an ice bong that suits your needs! If you don’t need a more exciting feature like a freezable glycerin coil, then go for something that suits you better. Similarly, if you don’t take loads of ice, you don’t need an ice catcher with loads of arms.

Finally, keep an eye out for the best ice bong deals if you want a high quality bong for less. At iSmokeAlot, we have some of the best deals around so you can still get a dope ice pinch if your wallet is in a pinch!

5 Reasons iSmokeAlot is USA’s #1 Ice Bong Shop

  1.  Free, Fast, and Discreet Shipping

    All of our ice bongs are shipped from the US and arrive within 1-3 days using USPS first class shipping. Many of our competitors ship from abroad, which often means long waiting times and customs fees for you. Not with us. Most of our bongs are made in the US by US brands and are always shipped from the US. We’re American through and through.

    Payment is always 100% guaranteed safe and secure through Visa or Mastercard. Absolutely no shady business here.

  2. Premium Ice Bong Brands

    As well as our own premium, hand-blown ice bongs, we stock a huge range of the highest-quality ice bong brands. From Grav Labs to Hitman, we got you covered when it comes to exploring high-end ice bongs.

    All ice bongs we sell are handmade from different makers around the globe. With some of the most unique designs on the internet, we like to view all ice bongs we offer as works of art. After all, you don’t want to invest in an ice bong just for it to sit in your cupboard in between each use- you want a beautifully handcrafted piece that’ll look just as good in your home as a painting would.

    Because of the handcrafted nature of our ice bongs, they’re highly durable as well as looking slick. No need to worry about the heart-shattering moment of knocking your bong over- our ice bongs are usually made from incredibly thick scientific glass, making them super tough and able to handle knocks and bumps.

  3. Unique Ice Bong Designs

    Ice bongs come in more or less any design you could possibly dream of. iSmokealot want to provide you not only with the very best ice bongs, but the sickest ones too. All our designs are one of a kind and are sure to crown you as the king of the coolest bongs around.

    Ice bongs come in a variety of types. There’s the classic ice bong which features a simple ice pinch or catch in the stem, and these usually come in the same types of shapes you would find regular bongs in- straight tube, beaker, etc. There’s also ice bongs with more experimental features such as freezable glycerin coils, which have the same effect as ice but look doper and often provide a more filtered smoke.

    Here’s some of the most unique, dope designs we currently offer:

  4. Lowest Priced Ice Bongs

    Ice bongs come in more or less any design you could possibly dream of. iSmokealot want to provide you not only with the very best ice bongs, but the sickest ones too. All our designs are one of a kind and are sure to crown you as the king of the coolest bongs around.

    With our ice bongs starting at just $29.95, they’re undoubtedly the best value available on the market. While our bongs are low price, they’re the best quality of any online headshop, making our prices the very best deals you could possibly find.

  5. Largest Online Selection of Ice Bongs

    iSmokealot is the number 1 choice for ice bongs simply because we have the very largest selection of any online headshop. With over 50 different ice bongs to choose from, the variety we offer is endless. Pretty much any ice bong you could dream of, we have a corresponding design.

    We carry big brand names, both from the US and from around the world. Most online headshops only stock exclusively from China or the US; we do both!

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Bongs (FAQ)

What happens if you put ice in a bong instead of water?

Well, to clarify, you still need to put water in the bottom of your ice bong, the same as you would with a regular bong. You’re just simply adding ice cubes into the equation as well. This allows the smoke to be much cooler by the time it reaches the mouthpiece and can offer better filtration.

Where is my ice bong made?

We stock ice bongs made in both China and the US. Most product descriptions will specify where the product is made if this is of concern to you.

Where is my ice bong shipped from?

Right out of Daleware, USA. We ship all ice bongs free of charge within 1-2 days and only use USPS First Class Mail to ensure the fastest delivery possible.

Are ice bongs hard to clean?

If you know how to clean a regular bong properly, you should have no issues with keeping your ice bong clean, too. Simply use your favorite cleaner and be wary that some bong cleaning tools may get stuck around the arms of an ice catcher.