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9″ The Pupils – 4 Colors – Multicolored Recycler Perc Glass Bongs

Original price was: $147.99.Current price is: $72.99.

8″ Baby Diamond – 4 Colors – Multicolored Glass Recycler Bongs

Original price was: $142.99.Current price is: $64.99.

9″ Sleek Bender – 3 Colors – Colored Phoenix Matrix Perc Glass Bongs

Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $67.99.

Eight Mile High – 2 Colors – 8 Arm Spread Colored Perc Glass Bongs

Original price was: $299.99.Current price is: $124.99.

8″ Baby Honeycomb – 4 Colors – Small Perc Glass Ice Bongs

Original price was: $99.99.Current price is: $42.99.

8″ Filtered Mothership – 3 Colors – Colored Matrix Beaker Glass Bongs

Original price was: $139.99.Current price is: $63.99.

11.5″ Filtered Mario – 3 Colors – Colored Super Mario Perc Bongs

Original price was: $109.99.Current price is: $74.99.

10″ Apollo – 5 Colors – Percolator Glass Bongs

Original price was: $124.99.Current price is: $63.99.

A percolator bong is unlike any normal bong you’ve ever experienced. They’re usually one of the first ports of call when it comes to becoming an advanced stoner and upgrading your smoke stash.

How Percs Work

The reason for this is that a percolator basically diffuses the smoke through various ways (dependent on what type of percolator you opt in for), making the smoke much more mild and easier to handle. In this sense, as it takes the smoke a little longer to travel up the tube, it can also have a slight cooling effect.

All of this means easy-going hits for a much longer, more pleasant night on the green. The smoother the smoke, the less you’ll cough- the less you’ll cough, the more time you can spend getting high af!

Types of Perc Bong

Bong percolators come in a huge array of types. Probably the most commonly seen type is a diffused downstem, which can often be added or altered to upgrade a regular bong, which has little slashes in the downstem which lays just below the water to cool down the smoke before it makes its way to you.

Other popular options include honeycomb percs, which are little circles in the main tube with a bunch of tiny holes in them, and tree percolators, which have lots of arms that sit below the water with slashes in the base of each to really refine the smoke.

Percolator glass bongs are one of the best investments a dude can make; not only will it take your high time to a whole upper level, they also look way cooler than your typical standard bong.

Buying a Glass Percolator Bong Near Me: What to Look Out For

Buying a glass percolator bong can be tough given that there’s so much information out there on the internet. Your lil local headshop probably isn’t all that helpful either. That’s why we’ve got your back when it comes to knowing what you’re after when looking for a perc bong for sale. 

First thing’s first, be wary of materials that aren’t hard-wearing. You might see a dope deal on a bong that seems too good to be true; chances are, it probably is. The issue with many ‘cheap’ percolator bongs is that they’re made from low quality materials that break really easily if you bump or clean your prized piece.

In the same sense, be sure you get a design that not only looks sick but rips sick. The design ought to be functional so that you can actually use it and it doesn’t just sit there collecting dust on your shelf.

The best percolator bongs come in a bunch of different colors, from green to blue to black, as well as a variety of sizes and sought-after brands. That’s why you should let us take care of your next filtered fantasy.

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      All of our perc bongs are shipped from right here in the United States. Like real patriots, we always use USPS First Class Mail to ensure you get your order in 1-3 days, guaranteed to arrive in plain packaging so you won’t have your cover blown.

      You can pay for your new baby securely with either Visa or Mastercard. Every last one of the glass perc bongs for sale on our store are made in the US, with US-based brands, shipped right out of our warehouse in the US. Did we mention US?

    2. 2. Premium Perc Bongs Brands

      You won’t find all of these brands of perc bong in one place anywhere else, online or in-store. We have everything from Sovereignty Glass to Roor and anything in-between.

      Every glass percolator bong purchased from us is 100% handmade from our band of international artists, who only ever use the highest quality scientific glass to ensure our bongs are the toughest around.

    1. 3. Unique Percolator Designs

      No matter what type of percolator you’re after, or how many percolators in one bong you’re after, we’re pretty sure we’ve got your perfect piece somewhere on our store. Alongside the popular types of bong percolator we discussed earlier, we also stock bongs with inline percolators, rotating glass percolators, sprinkler percolators – the list goes on.

    1. 4. Lowest Price Percolator Glass Bongs

      Make sure that smoke is the only thing making your eyes water with prices that’ll make your bank account breathe a sigh of relief. For the best value on quality perc bongs you’ll find, shop with us, where our prices start at just $34.95.

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    Over 30 dope options to choose from, we have the largest inventory of percolator glass bongs in the whole of the US. Our specialty in working with worldwide famous brands means our specially curated collection is not only huge but high-quality.

Frequently Asked Questions About Perc Bongs (FAQ)

How do I use a percolator bong?

Use a percolator bong the exact same way you’d use your regular old one- the bong does the extra work for you, there are no additional steps required.

Do perc bongs come with ice catchers?

Not always, but our best percolator bongs come with inbuilt ice catchers or ice pinches if you really want to up your filtration game.

How to clean a bong percolator?

Cleaning a bong percolator can be a little tricky given the intricacy of the glasswork inside the bong. Rest assured, you can easily get little tools that poke through the holes to ensure it stays clean, or use a pipe cleaner, and simply use the same method of cleaning you would use for your regular bong (whether that’s the classic soak in isopropyl alcohol and salt or a specialist bong cleaner).

Can I return a perc bong?

We accept returns on bongs that are totally unused within 7 days of purchase.